Carol of the Bells Holiday Promo - 1:00

A promo for a night of holiday specials using a parody of Carol of the Bells

90's Sitcom Style Promo - 1:00

60 second promo supporting a night of new episodes on cartoon Network in the style of a 90's sitcom theme.

DC Super Hero Girls - Hero of the Year - 1:00

Promo for the special movie DC Super Hero Girls - Hero of the Year which premiered on Boomerang.

DC Super Hero Girls - Super Hero High - 1:00

Promo for the special premier of the movie DC Super Hero Girls - Super Hero High on Boomerang

Huge Holiday Weekend Promo

Promo for a weekend full of holiday specials, episodes, and movies on Cartoon Network

TTG Action Trailer Menu

A menu for an episode of TTG comic using the style of an action movie trailer

Steven Universe - Hide and Seek, Version 1

A promo created to advertise a week-long Steven Universe stunt unofficially titled "Hide and Seek."

Promo and Song written by Cherith Fuller 

Hide and Seek, Version 2

Version 2 of the promo for Steven Universe - "Hide and Seek"

Steven Universe: Wanted (:30)

Promo for Steven Universe; Wanted. I decided to take the promo in a more serious, movie trailer direction given the heaviness of the one-hour special event. The promo was viewed over 500,000 times over Youtube and Facebook.

Steven Universe Recap

Recap of the previous Steven Universe arc leading up to the premiere of the one-hour special event Steven Universe: Wanted. 

Voice Change Halloween Bumps

Wacky Races - Fast and the Furious Parody

Scoobtober Promo

Lego DC Superhero Girls - Brain Drain